Boats for Rent in Miami

Bruschi Boat Rental and Tour Options

Boat Rentals

South Florida is home to some of the prettiest waters in the United States, and our small boat rentals are the best way to experience them. Our boats can accommodate up to eight people. These boats are a great option for easily navigating to any of the sandbars in the area. You can find a nice place to take a swim or just soak up some sun from the boat. If you just want to see the sights, our boats are also great for taking a quick trip around the bay.

Yacht Rental

Do you need a bigger boat? No problem. Our Yacht Section is built to handle larger groups of up to 13 people and has all the amenities you need while on the water. Great for hosting small parties, this boat has a large deck that’s perfect for sunbathing and socializing. If you need to escape from the sun for a bit, the yachts are also equipped with a full-size cabin complete with a lounge area and a kitchenette. Book one of our Yachts for your friends and family today.

Miami at Night Tour

If you want to see Miami from a different perspective, we also offer a guided tour of the city at night. On this tour, you can see Miami’s city lights from the Miami River into the Biscayne Bay. Bring your significant other on this truly magical tour of the city of Miami.