Bulk Hours

We are now offering Bulk Hours, these hours you can buy them at a discount and keep the price, the best part is that if we increase the prices your hours won’t be affected.

We offer 32, 56 or 72 hours, and the boats included are the boats for 7 people. If you want to get one of the boats for 8 people then you just have to pay the $10 per hour difference, for example, if you want to upgrade to a boat for 8 people and use it for 4 hours that day, you only have to pay $40, great right?

Example of the Discount you are getting with this promotion.
32 Hours / $1904 = $59.50 Per Hour Save 15%
56 Hours / $3136 = $56.00 Per Hour Save 20%
72 Hours / $3780 = $52.50 Per Hour Save 25%

* Keep the benefit of a great discount for the whole time you keep your hours.
* Even if we increase the prices, the hours you bought are not affected.
* The prices include the gas already.
* There are no hidden fees, you can always get our optional upgrades, but you don’t need to spend a dollar extra if you don’t want to.
* You can get any boats from our line up, and you will only pay a difference if the boat is a bigger boat.
* You will have your unique Code that you can use on our website to book your boat if available at the time you want for the hours you want. Remember our online system has live availability 24/7
*The Hours Don’t Expire.

Terms and Conditions:
* The person who bought the hours should be at all times on the boat for every reservation you make, you can go with a different party every time, but this person will always have to be on the boat.
* You can rent half day (4 hours) or full day (8 Hours) only, other hours wont be allowed, if you want an extra hour it has to be paid at the amount the hour is priced at that time.
* You can book any boat at any time using your unique Promo Code, the system will require a reservation 24 hours in advance, if you want a same day reservation please call the office for availability.
* We DO NOT Guarantee boat availability, please make your reservations ahead of time so you don’t stay out without a boat.
* Same Cancellation Policy will apply for your rental once you have a reservation, please go to our cancellation policy for more information.
* In case you have a reservation and you don’t follow the Cancellation Policy rules, your hours will be charged to your account as if you used them.
* The Credit Card on file will be charged $1 every time you use the boat this $1 will be refunded once you come back with the boat, if for any reason you would like to change the Credit Card we have on File please call the office between 9 am to 6 pm.
* If any boat suffers any damage during your rental the Credit Card on file will be charged for the amount of the repairs. If the company is unable to charge this amount then your hours will be forfeited and you won’t be able to use ours services again.
* Credit Card Authorization must be filled out before start using the service.
* Optional Items like, GPS, Coolers, Propeller Insurance are to be paid for each reservation in case you want to add them.
* NO REFUND, once you make the purchase you have to use all your hours.
* Bruschi Boat Rental LLC, may decide to close operations without notice.